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By Junior Berdahl

updated 3 months ago

To set up product sync using Stripe, click on the sales module that you would like to configure products for, and select Yes for "Use Webhooks?"

Then type in the name and price of the product you would like to log as a sale. Drag a connection from the page that leads to this order/upsell page, as well as a connection to the page that the user goes after buying this product. If you would like to add in more products, click "Add New Product" at the bottom right.

IMPORTANT: If you have quotes (“) OR apostrophes (‘) in your product name you will need to save them with the ascii characterization version of those delimeters. As a working example if your product name is Widget “Number One” you’d save your product as Widget "Number One" and for apostrophes Widget ‘Number Two’ would be Widget ’NumberTwo’
In short, replace any apostrophes with ’ and any quotes with " in your product descriptions. Also, please keep in mind that PIPE (|) character strings are not allowed in the Product Name field to properly work with our webhooks.

NOTE: In order for sales to be logged correctly, the product names and prices will need to match exactly how they're set up inside Stripe.

Step 1. Copy the webhook URL generated.

Step 2. Inside Stripe, go to Developers > Webhooks > Add endpoint.

Step 3. Paste your Notification URL, ensure ALL "Charge" events and "Order" events are set to be sent. This should be set to send a total of 17 events exactly. Then click Add Endpoint.

As soon as Stripe processes a transaction it will send us the webhook with all the necessary information we need to credit a sale!

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