A "Project" contains several of your "Plans". Project examples are business, larger product groups, clients, etc.

In your main dashboard, hover over "Projects" on the left side menu and click on "Projects". To go to the project's area

Click "New Project" at the top right. Title your Project and click "Create Project".

You will be taken inside of your Project where you can then add your first Plan.

A "Plan" is exactly just that, a plan.

Organize your Plans in the way that works best for you. By idea, funnel, campaign, etc.

Click "+ Add Plan" inside your dashboard to create a new plan.

Name your Plan and click "Create Plan"

You will be taken directly into your plan to begin your mapping process.

"Groups" are folders than can hold multiple plans. To create a Group, hover over the area below all your existing plans and click "+ New Group"

To name your group, triple click on the group name and enter the new name.