The boxes between drawn lines are the output of Conversion Data.  This data varies depending on the types of connection points or if connections exist at all.

- Campaign Apps: Conversion data from any campaign app to your actual website pages (usually a landing page but not always) will simply output Unique Visitors.  Since there is no other entry point from a campaign app, this is all the relevant data.  This information is based on how many Unique Visitors click the links from the AdSet to the linked page(s).  Revisits or page reloads are ignored.

- Page to Page: Conversion Data output from page to page (landing page to optin page) or (sales page to order form) etc. is output with Unique Visitor stats only.  The Percentage (%) that is output above the Unique Visitor count is the number of Unique Visitors that traversed from the first connection point to the next connect point.

- Sales/OTO/Upsell/Downsell Conversions: Sales, OTO, Upsell and Downsells are output with 3 important statistics.  The number of Unique Visitors that actually PURCHASED your product, the total sales value of the cumulative product purchases and the Conversion Percentage (%) based on sales. This may be some of the most important data for helping you understand the profitability of your funnel or product website.