To toggle Lossless Mode on or off click on the Statistics button at the top right of your plan. Select "Settings".  In the section labeled "Exclude NOT REAL users" you can toggle this feature either On or Off.  This is set to ON by default.

This feature is not available in Funnel Flow mode because Lossless Traffic output will never affect true Unique users metrics.

When you click the toggle to view your Organic Traffic you can either leave Lossless Mode off or turn it on.

The basic concept behind including or excluding Lossless Traffic is that by default we exclude outputting any traffic that has clicks associated to it that have originated from WebBots, Crawlers, Spiders, Page Slurp Scripts, MediaPartners, FavIcon Loads, Image calls and any other Creepy Crawlies out there that are NOT REAL PEOPLE!  This is a highly contested subject among marketers.   We've been at the forefront of the metrics business with one of our other Apps (ConversionFly) for several years and one of the most commonly asked questions we get is "Why does a program like Google Analytics or Facebook tracking show more clicks than you guys do?".  This is the main reason. As fellow marketers, we understand that you need both accurate and realistic data when it comes to making proper marketing decisions.  If you are scaling your business based on the Sales Traffic, Order Form Completion Rates, Optin Percentages, Sales Tracking etc. based on NOT REAL USERS then you are going to be making the wrong decisions!

If you are for whatever reason hard set on seeing your statistics including this type of traffic, simply toggle "Exclude NOT REAL users" to OFF and all of those extra Spider, Bot, FavIcon loads will appear.  Some users need this data for their clients or just to see how much SEO Bot traffic they are receiving.