Your Stats Table is probably the most important feature with Live Stats.  To view this table you can click on any page that you'd like to see the AdSet attribution data.  Any AdSet or UTM based Tracking Link traffic that has hit this page will have stats output on this table.

Here you will see important statistics like Unique Visitors to this page broken down by AdSets, Individual Tracking Links and Organic Traffic.  You can click the checkbox next to any of your AdSet or Link Titles to funnel your planning grid traffic and metrics output.

If you have a lot of Tracking Links and you'd like to expand this section you can make it larger by placing your mouse over the top line and dragging it up.  You can also close this table by clicking the Down Arrow icon.

There is a search bar in this section that will also further help you funnel down your statistics.  This is very useful for clients that have dozens or even hundreds of different Tracking Links.

In this section you can view incredibly important funnel metrics including Unique Visitors, Leads, Transactions, Cost Associations, Revenue and ROI that is attributed to the Tracking Link or overall AdSet.  If you click on the stats Icon on the far right of any table row you will also see your Conversion Rate, Cost Per Click and Earnings Per Click values.