Before you connect your domain or subdomain to Marketplan, it's advised to customize your Agency Settings beforehand, so that your site will look and feel like your own brand.

To access your Agency Settings, click on your icon at the top right of the dashboard and select "Account Settings" from the dropdown or click on the left side menu. Then under "Company Profile" scroll down to customize your domain. 

Here you can choose how your domain will look by setting your company logo, favicon, and accent colors.

Your Company Logo will appear at the top left menu.

Your Favicon shows up on the left of the your tab's title.

Your Login Page Background shows up on your login portal for you and your clients. Your login page URL will look something like this once your domain is set up:

Your Gradient Colors and Accent Color changes the color of the pages inside your plans and several colors on your dashboard.

Note: Please do not set both gradient colors to white (#ffffff) otherwise they will conflict with the Plan text colors.

Once you are finished with your agency settings, the next step is to set up your custom domain.