If you are unable to view your page after inputting your URL in a Page Canvas App, then please see these possible solutions/reasons why:

  1. Page is a Checkout or Login page
    • This is an intentional security feature on most platforms to prevent pages from another site to protect customers' personal information from potential hackers.
    • This does not affect Live Mode tracking. :)
  2. Page is a Dynamic URL
    • If your page is dynamically generated based on a user session or other means, then the Base URL you used in MarketPlan will not technically be a visitable URL.
    • Please see this article to learn more about Dynamic URL's.
  3. Platform blocks iFrame usage
    • Some platforms prevent their pages from being embedded into other sites for security purposes, sales, and/or branding purposes. If this is blocked, MarketPlan will not be able to load the page inside the Canvas App
    • If you control the platform or can submit a development request, you can have the platform change its X-Frame-Options to allow MarketPan to embed the code.