If you are seeing contrary data to what Marketplan is reporting in a different tracking software, it is important to note that Marketplan only gathers stats based on REAL UNIQUE VISITORS to your page URL’s.   

Here is a list of possible reasons that our stats may not match other tracking software you are using.

1. Sites like Google Analytics and other widely used tracking software log a click for EVERY SINGLE CLICK a page incurs which includes BOT TRAFFIC from Google, Yahoo etc. They are simply indexing your pages for search engine ranking. Marketplan ignore’s that type of traffic for the purpose of giving you REAL ACTIONABLE STATISTICS. Otherwise, conversion percentages or lead values would be calculated on imaginary site visitors and you would make decisions for your business based on skewed metrics. 

2. Sites like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Manager will often report different click data than we are reporting. They utilize automated scripts to check and update site URLs while you are setting up and continually running ads using their services. We do not report these clicks because they are not real user’s clicks, in turn, logging these clicks would skew your data.

3. FavIcon calls is a universally difficult issue that all tracking and analytics calls run into. The breakdown is that some browsers log two clicks for each visit to a URL because the server does a separate call to see if a FavIcon link exists with the purpose of loading the image. At Marketplan, we ignore those secondary calls because again, this would skew your data. (A FavIcon is the image that appears on the TAB of the site you are visiting.)

4. Although this is a rare occurrence, it is possible our tracking pixel did not trigger for a variety of reasons.  This could be that the page did not load completely before the user either closed the tab or browser window or clicked away into another page.  The best way to prevent this type of issue is to make sure that all of your webpages are HTML and CSS code compliant and that you are not making too many server calls to other dependent scripts such as JavaScript.