To manage your team, click on “Account Settings” on the left side menu. Once you are inside the account settings click on "User Management"

If you are wanting to invite a user and are a White Label Agency client, then you need to make sure you invite the new user while logged into your agency domain!

To add a team member, click "Add New User" and enter their First, Last name, and email address of the teammate you want to bring in to this Project. 

You can set what access members or clients are able to "edit or view", as well as "hide or show" certain features. To choose which permissions members and clients have, check out this article.

Now when your team member refreshes they will see your Project inside their dashboard and you can start collaborating immediately :)

To remove a member from your team, inside "User Management" you can click the three dots on the right side of the desired user you want to remove. Then click "Remove User". The desired user is remove from the list.