Inside Canvas Settings, you can toggle a minimap at the top right of your plan to easily locate and navigate to different areas of your plan. To access Canvas Settings, click on Menu at the top right of your plan and select Canvas Settings. Then click "On" next to Minimap. You can exit the Menu by clicking on Menu again at the top right.

A minimap will now appear at the top right, showing small icons which represent the modules in your plan. Clicking anywhere on the minimap will take you to that area in the plan.

Inside Canvas Settings, you can also toggle a grid inside your plan to evenly space all your elements. To do this, navigate to Canvas Settings inside the Menu at the top right and select "On" next to Grid. To adjust the size of the grid boxes, slide the grid toggle left or right.

Now any time you move a module in your plan, it will snap to the grid so that they can all be spaced evenly.

Inside the same menu, you can also toggle snapping on or off for the plan. By default, snapping is set to On.